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Insurance Litigation

Fort Myers FL Insurance Litigation Attorney

An insurance litigation attorney works on your behalf if you find yourself in a dispute with your insurance company. If your insurance company denies your claim or is delaying in making a decision, or they give you the “run around” by requiring so much documentation that the entire process becomes unreasonable, attorney Bob Burkett can help.

Insurance Affects Everyone

In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to be without some type of insurance. Whether you have insurance for your health, you drive a car, you own a home or piece of property, or you have a business, insurance is almost a daily part of life. Given enough time, most people will have to file a claim and use the insurance they have purchased. This can be due to an accident, death of a family member, or any incident involving another person or item covered by an insurance policy. Whenever there is a situation between an individual and their insurance provider, or between two individuals resulting in the need for an insurance settlement, you have an insurance dispute.

What Are Insurance Disputes?

Many different forms of disputes exist when dealing with the insurance industry. Recognizing that you have a legitimate claim is the first step in getting your situation resolved. If you disagree with how an insurance company is handling a matter dealing with your health or property, it could be an insurance dispute that requires legal attention. Here are some types of insurance disputes.

Health/Life Insurance Claims

You pay your insurance premiums to have coverage for when things go wrong medically or when you or a loved one passes away. If you are having trouble with your insurance provider when trying to recover under your policy, Burkett Law Office can help.

How a Good Insurance Litigation Attorney Can Help

When there are disputes concerning payment or non-payment of insurance claims, it is imperative to find the most capable counsel to provide the best service in getting you the compensation that you need in an already stressful time. There are several ways an experienced attorney can help in these situations, and get life back to normal again.

  • The right attorney will have a working knowledge of the insurance system in its various forms (auto, medical, life, etc.). He will have an excellent knowledge of all applicable laws dealing with the insurance industry, as well as information on the statute of limitations for incidents of all kinds.
  • A good attorney will know how to resolve an insurance dispute without lengthy court time, saving you money and getting things done in a professional manner.

What to Do Now

If you feel that your claim has been handled wrongly, either by your insurance company or the company of another individual, then contact Burkett Law Office to figure out the next step in getting your situation resolved. Mr. Burkett has more than 35 years of experience in resolving insurance disputes. This experience will help you get your life back to normal with the compensation you deserve.

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