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Healthcare Law

Fort Myers FL Healthcare Attorney

As an experienced former General Counsel of a home healthcare company Bob Burkett can assist you with any healthcare legal issue, whether you are a patient, physician, hospital or nursing home.

If you are a doctor, Mr. Burkett can help you comply with Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws, or help you opt-out of Medicare with compliant private patient contracts.

If you are a hospital, Burkett Law Office can help you with compliant leases and agreements with physician/provider practice groups.

If you are a patient in a nursing home or assisted living facility, Mr. Burkett can help you with Florida compliant medical directives or wills and trusts. He can also go after your nursing home or assisted living facility in the event you have been mistreated or injured by staff.

If you are a nursing home or assisted living facility, Burkett Law Office can draft agreements for your patients with such clauses as an arbitration clause and by making your staff aware of the latest applicable laws and regulations for your industry.

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