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General Legal Services

General Legal Services

Have a legal matter that does not seem to fit in any previous service offerings in the list? Mr. Burkett is also able to handle general legal matters, such as real estate contracts, administrative law hearings, and consumer disputes

Outside the Courtroom

When most people think of a lawyer, they may imagine a courtroom, jury, and a judge. Although these are commonplace in the legal world, an attorney can serve many uses outside of court as well. Many people believe that the legal process begins at a point of contention between two parties and is over at the point of a decision or resolution. In reality, legal matters begin at a point well before the court system gets involved. Good legal counsel will help with several issues outside of the courtroom, and possibly help prevent you from having to present a case in court.

What Are General Legal Matters?

General legal services offered by an attorney will help you ensure that you are taking proper legal action in cases of your property, business, and other legal matters. Here are just a few services that are available to help protect you and prevent the need for legal proceedings.

Wills and Final Testaments

Many people wish to leave behind a well thought out and easy to follow estate plan for their family once they pass away, but creating a last will and testament can be a daunting procedure. A good attorney can help you plan every aspect of your estate and ensure that your family is taken care of in the manner that suits your wishes. A good counselor can do this by drafting a clear legal document in order to allow minimal disruptions in the event of your passing.

Contracts and Conveyances

A qualified attorney can review and prepare a large number of contracts. Whether it is a remodeling project on your home or business involving a contractor, or the sale or lease of property including rental agreements, a well laid out contract can ensure that you and your property are protected. If you are selling a large item or setting up an agreement to purchase goods, a clearly understood contract is absolutely necessary.

Document and Policy Review

Your signature on a document can be legally binding, and you should protect your rights by having an attorney review any document that requires a signature or confirmation agreement of any type. If you need to sign an agreement that requires your understanding and you do not understand what you are agreeing to, you may want to seek legal advice before taking action. A good attorney understands these sometimes intentionally confusing documents, and he can explain them to you in plain English.

Intellectual Property

If you have an original piece of intellectual property, then you may want to seek out the proper way to protect it. If it is an invention, the U.S. Patent Office would be a good starting point. If you named an existing product, perhaps you would like to trademark that asset. Whatever the artistic or creative idea may be, a good attorney will help point you in the right direction to ensure that you have legal protection. Obtaining the correct intellectual property protection is the most important step in supporting your original concept.

Business Structure Setup

Choosing the best business structure is one of the most important decisions you will make before starting your business. The right type of business will help to keep you from potential personal liability. Whatever avenue you choose, an experienced attorney can help you set up and file all of the documentation. If you are setting up a corporation, then there are many required documents that a good attorney will be able to assist you with. If you are forming a partnership, you will want to have a solid agreement that you and your partners agree on before starting your business. This is another item that an attorney can create for you.

What Else Can An Attorney Do?

If you feel that you have an issue that needs an attorney, but you have not been able to find that issue on our website, don’t be discouraged and don’t give up. We may still be able to assist you in finding the right course of action.

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