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Employment Law

Fort Myers FL Employment Law Attorney

As an employment law attorney in Fort Myers, FL Bob Burkett will work for you if you have been harassed or discriminated against in your workplace. You don’t have to “take it” from your employer, you do have power and Burkett Law Office can help you.

Discrimination in the workplace is an ongoing problem in the U.S. Some employees, who might otherwise speak out against discrimination, remain quiet in many cases of workplace discrimination as they feel that their job might be threatened if they speak out.

Actually, this fear is the most common reason that prevents people from speaking up for their rights. For this reason, several laws have been created, both federal and local, to protect the workforce from discrimination or retaliation from their employers. State and federal employment laws make it illegal for all employers to discriminate against employees based on certain defining characteristics including race, age, sex and disability. Employment laws, such as Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, are good examples of employment laws that prohibit discrimination against employees.

What Are Your Options?

All federal anti-discrimination employment laws in the US are primarily enforced by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). This agency is responsible for handling all types of employment discrimination claims. Any person interested in filing a discrimination lawsuit against an employer in federal court must first file their claim with the EEOC.

What Constitutes Employment Discrimination in Florida?

There are several different types of discrimination in the workplace. The most common type is gender discrimination. This may include several different categories, such as gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, or failure to promote or hire a person based on gender. Though most of us may feel gender discrimination is mostly against women, many incidents include males as well.

Age discrimination is another type of workplace issue that many people are not as familiar with. According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, all those who are over 40 should get the same type of treatment as everyone else regarding promotions, hiring, firing and layoffs. Being overlooked for hiring or promotion because your employers were interested in someone younger for the position, regardless of his or her qualifications, is definitely a type of discrimination that should not be tolerated.

Racial discrimination is also a form of employment discrimination that is illegal in Florida. Yet despite all that has been said and done in regards to this particular subject, racial discrimination still continues at workplaces in the U.S. Fear of retribution or job loss should never be a reason to overlook or ignore incidents like this. You do have rights and they deserve to be protected.

Some may feel that, by themselves, they are powerless and don’t have the necessary resources to get fair treatment or make a change. If you’re unable to resolve the issue internally within the workplace, then you may decide that the only viable option left open is to take legal action with the help of an employment attorney.

How an Employment Law Attorney Can Help

The right attorney will have experience in legal matters in the workplace and can make all the differences in getting your grievances heard and resolved.

  • An attorney that will handle your case correctly has knowledge of employment laws both in your local area and at the federal level.
  • The right attorney will understand the intricate process to reporting violations against your rights, and help the process move smoothly, ensuring that your voice is heard.
  • It’s important to have an employment attorney who has the experience and knowledge to stand up to the legal efforts of employers while presenting your case.

What to Do Now

If you feel that your employer or company is discriminating in the workplace, contact Burkett Law Office today. Fear of retribution shouldn’t stop your voice from being heard regarding any illegal activity. Mr. Burkett has 30 years of experience on both sides of corporate and employment law, giving him a broad view of these legal matters. His knowledge of federal and local Florida law will allow him to help you navigate your situation properly.

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