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Corporate Law

What Does A Corporate Lawyer Do?

A corporate lawyer specializes in business transactions such as contracts and negotiations, code compliance, intellectual property, securities and tax law, bankruptcy, financial reporting and many other aspects of business.

What Is Corporate Law?

Corporate law controls the manner in which directors, shareholders, creditors, employees and other stakeholders in a company and the community interact with one another. Corporate law or the law of any business association can include trusts, pension funds, partnerships, companies, community organizations, or charities. Once incorporated, all businesses, despite their size, have separate legal personalities. The shareholders control the company but they don’t run it. Instead, the company is managed by the board of directors who delegate control of the company and its daily operations to full-time officers. Normally, corporate or business law deals with registered or incorporated firms under the corporate laws of the various states.

Burkett Law Office can assist with drafting contracts no matter what the business purpose, from operating agreements to employment agreements with officers. Mr. Burkett is a business litigation attorney with over 23 years of experience as an in-house counsel with a Fortune 500 company.

How a Good Corporate Lawyer Can Help You Through This Process

  • A good corporate attorney can advise companies across a wide range of industries and situations. They are experienced in the transactional process helping the implementation of mergers and acquisitions or investments. They help companies grow by advising them on how to buy or sell other businesses in a legal manner.
  • The right attorney will be knowledgeable of all local and federal laws that pertain to how a business should conduct itself, as well as have the best interest of the corporation in mind.
  • The skills of drafting detailed legal agreements are a crucial skill for an attorney in the corporate setting. There are many different agreements both within and outside of a business that need to be drafted on a regular basis.
  • An attorney needs to have a base knowledge of related skills, such as accounting, tax law, zoning laws, bankruptcy, contract law, licensing, and even intellectual property rights to structure a business transaction legally.
  • Corporate or business law demands excellent communication skills, both oral and written, and an incisive mind.

Corporate lawyers ensure that commercial transactions are legal. They are knowledgeable about statutory laws and government regulations, and they help clients achieve their goals and ensure that a transaction falls in line with the local, state, and federal laws.

What to Do Now

If you are in need of an attorney who can focus on your corporate matters, or if you wish to incorporate an existing or new business, contact Burkett Law Office. He is the former General Counsel of Nightingale Home Healthcare, Inc. Prior to that, he was Deputy General Counsel of Fortune 500 Company Conseco, Inc. n/k/a CNO Financial Group. With over 35 years of relevant experience, your corporate legal matters will be well taken care of with quickness and accuracy.

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