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Civil Litigation

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation encompasses all law outside any criminal legal matters. It has many different fields, including corporate, business, family, and intellectual property law. It also includes legal matters, such as probate law, personal injury, tax law, and real estate law, among others. It’s a branch of law that mainly deals with disputes between individuals, business partners, and/or organizations in which some specific performance or monetary compensation may be awarded instead of jail time.

Many legal matters happen almost on a daily basis, and most of them involve civil litigation. Aside from representing the client, a civil litigation lawyer may also provide legal advice to clients in all civil transactions. Civil law can help resolve many non-criminal disputes. Examples of these are property ownership disagreements, contracts, child custody, divorce, and damages to property. Attorneys are often employed to handle these issues when there is a disagreement.

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What Does Florida’s Civil Litigation Process Look Like?

Parties enter into civil litigation because they’re unable to resolve their conflicts. A simple dispute over debt, for instance, will not be settled unless the party that owes money pays it. Under these circumstances, the aggrieved party may take legal recourse by hiring a competent civil attorney. Even in small claims court, civil litigation often requires the help of an attorney for parties to successfully work through their issues.

What You Will Need

As a client, your civil litigation attorney should be able to provide you with a thorough evaluation of the facts. You will need to find an attorney with a high level of experience who is familiar with local laws. An attorney with years of hands on experience in such cases will be able to spot issues ahead of time and make the necessary preparations so that when your case comes up, everything will be set to advance your position. The attorney and client work together to evaluate and build the case. The client will then decide whether to move forward and engage in the litigation process.

How a Good Civil Litigation Attorney Can Help

  • A civil litigation attorney can help you before legal action may be necessary by offering you timely advice that can easily save you from costly litigation later on. Advice on any signed agreement, such as an apartment lease or partnership agreement could help protect you from future legal disputes.
  • A civil lawyer with knowledge of local, state, and federal laws can also advise you on various regulations you need to comply with, and any licenses you may need. In fact, they can even help you obtain all these licenses.
  • There are many lawyers who focus on different aspects of civil litigation. Some focus on corporate law while another attorney may only represent parties in real estate cases. Since many civil litigation cases involve various types of law, it is important to find an attorney with a good handle on different types of laws and regulations.
  • The right attorney can help the process move along as fast as possible. This allows you to move past the issue, and get back to normal quickly with what can sometimes be a long legal process. While having to go to court isn’t ideal, you don’t want to be in litigation longer than necessary.

What to Do Now

If you feel that you have a situation that requires a civil litigation attorney, or if you have questions concerning a potential contract, then contact Burkett Law Office with details you are concerned with. Mr. Burkett has over 35 years of relevant experience in all types of civil litigation matters. He is very knowledgeable with respect to both state and federal laws and regulations, and is able to represent clients in cases with a broad view of legal matters. While representing you in your case, Mr. Burkett will focus on getting the results that matter to you.

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